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Our Favorite Links

CentOS - Enterprise Linux (RHEL clone)

IPcop - Advanced Internet Firewall

Clam Antivirus - Antiviral daemon for Linux

CLUG - Calgary Linux users group

NewsForge - Linux News

PuttY - Fantastic ssh client

Squid - Caching Proxy server

MTR - Network Trace and Ping Tool

Coraid - Low Cost Storage Area Network

Why Google is Saving the Web
RedHat - Enterprise Linux Provider

OpenVPN - The Best VPN Solution

Samba - Windows file server, No Windows!

VMware - Great Virtualization Software

Groklaw - Linux Legal news

VNC - Interactive remote desktop, windows

Apache - THE web server

MadWifi - Linux Atheros 802.11b/g driver

vblade - Turn your linux box into a SAN

Hatsize - Cloud Automation Services